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How to apply for return

  • If you have any questions about the product, please ask the designer before purchasing. Detailed communication before purchase can save the effort, money and time spent on refunds/exchanges.

  • The refund application must be submitted within 7 days from the next day after receiving the product. You can use our exclusive customer service LINE ID: @yogasana to contact us.

  • If the application is overdue or does not meet the conditions of the platform's return policy, the designer has the right to refuse the return. Please communicate with the designer before submitting the application.

  • Except for the defects of the product itself, the unpacked personal hygiene product type does not accept refunds due to personal factors, and cannot be returned or exchanged after unpacking, please forgive me.

  • Returned goods must be in a new state with complete packaging: (complete definition is: genuine products and gifts are not unpacked. Packaging, carton, accessories, invoices, paper DM .. etc.) and the packaging is complete, in order to process returns. payment. If all the contents in the package of this order are not properly packaged and sent back in full, you will need to pay for the shipping fee to make up for the completeness of the product.

  • Color difference problem: Any product, especially products with various color numbers, will have color difference problems for each computer. It is not acceptable to exchange goods due to color difference problems. It is recommended to ask customer service before purchasing to be more objective!

  • Please fill in your name, email, mobile phone number, order number and reason for return. Upon receipt of your return request, we immediately confirm the return with you.

  • When you submit the return and exchange, you agree to our return and exchange principle, please be sure to attach the invoice and accept us to deal with the invalidation of the invoice and related follow-up matters.

Privacy and Security
Privacy & Safety

Based on the purpose of user privacy and personal data protection, this store has formulated a privacy protection policy, and will abide by this privacy protection policy and protect your privacy and personal information in accordance with relevant laws. Please read the following privacy policy carefully.


Scope of Application of the Privacy Policy

1. The content of the privacy protection policy, including how the store collects and uses the personal data you provide to the store when you conduct e-commerce activities in the store.

2. The Privacy Policy does not apply to stores or other websites other than this store.


Data collection and use

1. This store is an e-commerce platform. When you shop in this store, the store will collect your personal information and consumption-related information in the process of shopping checkout and contract fulfillment through the functions provided by the e-commerce platform as a provision Use of goods or services, as well as subsequent customer service and marketing promotions related to the store.

2. Due to the use of the e-commerce platform, the store will share your shopping-related information with the e-commerce, and in order to provide you with goods or services, the store may provide the necessary information for the delivery of goods or services to logistics manufacturers for delivery or contact. use.

3. If this store is acquired or merged by another company or has other business transfer, we will transfer your personal data to that company. If this happens, the store will notify you before your personal data is transferred and a different privacy policy will apply.



Information disclosure method

1. The store will not sell or sell to anyone except in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, except to cooperate with the investigation of judicial authorities, other competent authorities or procuratorial units according to law, or if you have violated laws or contracts to claim your rights. Expose your personal data.


Privacy Policy Amendment

1. The store reserves the right to revise this privacy protection policy at any time. If there are major changes that affect your rights, the store will make an announcement at the appropriate location on the website. Please pay attention to it before shopping.

Purchasing brands and cross-industry cooperation
Inquiries & Cross-industry cooperation

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