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Unique Points




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"I want to choose a yoga mat that matches my aesthetics to accompany my daily practice. 』

​Your taste


Reflected in the selection of products with both design aesthetics and functionality

Presenting urban texture aesthetics on the surface of the yoga mat

You can choose your favorite urban texture

Don't have to choose between monotonous colors with just your logo


Non-slip & Comfort

​Slip and Comfort


"Thickness and anti-slip effect are my priorities. 』​

The material and quality of the yoga mat are honestly reflected in the price,

Strictly select degradable and environmentally friendly PU (Polyurethane) natural rubber yoga mats , because we only recommend the best quality at present, with relatively excellent durability and stability, and actually submitted for inspection and certification by the Taiwan SGS inspection agency , it is definitely not unknown. Second-class rubber remanufactured products.

The moderate thickness of 5MM is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. It has enough grip and is also suitable for travel. Whether it is kneeling or lying down, dynamic and static yoga can maintain a certain degree of comfort.

Dry and wet non-slip, meticulous instant-drying and degradable environmentally friendly PU (Polyurethane) leather surface , still has a high degree of non-slip in dry state, even if you sweat, it will not slip. Beginners will not affect the accuracy of the pose due to sliding hands and feet. And has excellent wear resistance, deflection resistance, shock absorption performance.

Material Comparison 材質分析表.png


Degradable and environmentally friendly materials

"Is the material environmentally friendly? 』

When you open our product, you can find that the smell of the product is different from the inferior product.
Our products are made of degradable and environmentally friendly PU water-based leather , which has excellent properties such as wear resistance, cold resistance, and breathability. There is no solvent residue on the finished product, it is non-toxic and tasteless, and it does not contain PVC to ensure the health of users.

The bottom layer uses pure degradable natural rubber , the raw material origin is Vietnam ,

And ensure the purity of every drop of rubber stock solution.

360-degree matrix two-way non-slip texture , can be stably attached to the ground,

It will not be lifted due to wind or action, protecting your safety when exercising.

Note 1: Because the raw material is made of natural rubber, no chemical aromatics are added to cover it up, it is the smell of the rubber itself, environmental protection and health, please use it with confidence.

If you are sensitive to odors, it is recommended to place it in an indoor ventilated place for three to five days before use.

Note 2: If you are allergic to rubber paper products, although the surface layer of this yoga mat is made of polyurethane (Polyurethane), it is recommended to choose other materials for your health.

Note 3: The surface of the yoga mat is made of degradable and environmentally friendly PU (Polyurethane) water-based leather , so please do not rinse it with water. After use, please dry it with a towel to keep it dry. When it is dirty, please gently wipe the surface with a damp cloth. pad life.


High Quality & Eco-friendly

Pass SGS inspection

"A yoga mat that touches the skin every day, how to choose a good quality yoga mat? 』

In order to keep your body in the best condition, you deserve to choose a high-quality yoga mat that has passed the strict inspection for yourself.

We believe that practicing yoga should be for a healthier body.


When choosing a yoga mat, you get what you pay for,

Quality cannot be easily compromised.

Therefore, we self-inspected the yoga mat, passed and complied with the certification of the Taiwan SGS inspection agency, so that you can rest assured to focus on the practice on the yoga mat.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were not detected

Short chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCP) not detected

No heavy metals detected (no antimony/arsenic/barium/cadmium/chromium/lead/mercury and selenium)

Formamide meets CNS15493 standard​


Complementary Yoga Bag 

Comes with a yoga backpack
(Limited feedback)​

"Do you sell yoga bag? "

Urban Sketch Urban Sketch Yoga Mat   

Get rid of excessive packaging on products

Put the cost back on the exclusive accompanying yoga bag

(limited edition)

Whether it's a short trip to the yoga class on the way

Or take a long flight with you abroad  

The YOGASANA Yoga Backpack includes the following features

  • Double zipper design : allows you to easily and quickly store your rolled up yoga mat

  • Decompression webbing : Allows you to reduce the burden on your shoulders and neck

  • Small Pocket : Store small items on the go

  • ​Adjustable strap : the length can be adjusted according to personal height

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