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SGS Test Report

SGS inspection report


Urban Collection

PU Natural Rubber Yoga Mat 

Compliant with SGS inspection

"A yoga mat that touches the skin every day, how to choose a good quality yoga mat? 』

In order to keep your body in the best condition, you deserve to choose a high-quality yoga mat that has passed the strict inspection for yourself.

We believe that practicing yoga should be for a healthier body.


When choosing a yoga mat, you get what you pay for, and the quality cannot be easily compromised.

Therefore, we independently submit the yoga mat for inspection and pass and comply with the certification of the Taiwan SGS inspection agency, so that you can rest assured to focus on the practice on the yoga mat.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were not detected

Short chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCP) not detected

No heavy metals detected (no antimony/arsenic/barium/cadmium/chromium/lead/mercury and selenium)

Formamide meets CNS15493 standard​


PU Color Printing

Yoga Wheel

​compressive strength up to 351.7kg

To keep you safe while practicing,

We independently send the yoga wheel to Taiwan SGS Inspection Center,

compressive strength test,

The result is as high as 351.7kg,

​ gives you peace of mind when practicing.

Note: Please use the yoga wheel in a correct and safe practice state,

It is recommended that the yoga wheel be used by one person as a safety limit. Please avoid more than two people putting stress on the yoga wheel at the same time.

When using it, please try to pay attention to the safety of the place, avoid children using it alone, and avoid crushing the feet when the yoga wheel falls.
Please be careful when storing in a static state.

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