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Sea You There


Sea You There.

YOGASANA - Sea You There

YOGASANA - Sea You There


Sea You There.

Staring at the sea with perspective

The waves seem to move very slowly

But looking down at the sea, according to time, according to the tide, according to the solar terms

Changing every minute

Natural evolution phenomenon of ocean landscape

Increased variables of man-made sabotage when not paying attention

Continuously waxing and waning with the passage of time...


Accumulatively, with the destruction of the environment, coral reefs and fish stocks gradually disappear.

The glory is gone


I really hope I can come back here every year

​Don’t forget our agreement


Sea You There

螢幕快照 2022-10-22 下午7.56.41.png

2022 Muse Design Award Silver Medal in New York, USA

2022 | Professional
Product Design - Hobby & Leisure / Silver Winnder

Inspired by Penghu, a small island in Taiwan's ocean, "texture" and "gradation" are used as the main design elements to awaken society to reduce damage to the ecological system. It also uses the aesthetics of the interface between the natural layers of shell beaches and the ocean to become a yoga mat. The central axis of the practice, along with the unique local Shihu, spreads into a unique landscape where nature and humanity intersect. It perfectly integrates the natural landscape, humanity and design beauty, and won the favor of the judges.

MUSE Design Awards is hosted by International Awards Associates (IAA), a long-established international awards association. With the purpose of discovering global design muses, it provides a comprehensive luminous stage for architecture, interior, fashion and other fields. Strict scoring standards are used every year to attract internationally renowned Brands and designers are vying to participate.


Post-pandemic era

Changes in demand for yoga in the post-epidemic era

Affected by the epidemic, yoga practitioners no longer like to use the public yoga mats in yoga studios directly, but they do not want to carry their own heavy yoga mats. In response to this demand, travel yoga mats and light yoga towels are created for yoga practitioners. The best protective product. The product has the characteristics of multi-functional use, small size and extremely light weight, meeting the various needs of users. The thin and light yoga mat can be folded and carried, and can also be washed in a washing machine. It not only meets the needs of commuter yogis in urban areas, but can also be laid flat on grass, beaches, and used outdoors, allowing yoga life to be easily converted indoors and outdoors.


Capture Taiwanese elements and transform them into design aesthetics

The designer took Penghu, a special island in Taiwan’s ocean that has been studied for a long time, as the stage, and used “texture” and “gradation” as the main design elements. The "Island Garden" uses the unique ecosystem of phytoplankton and plants in the natural pothole landscape to expand into the symbiotic system of the entire ocean, awakening society to reduce damage to the ecological system. "Gradual Balance" uses the interface between the natural layer of the shell beach and the ocean to become the central axis of yoga mat practice. Along with the unique local Shihu (a fishing device/cultural heritage hand-built by ancestors using petrified coral), It spreads into a unique landscape where nature and humanity intersect.


For this design project, the designer hopes to promote the importance of marine environment and ecological protection by capturing the beauty of the ocean landscape. Seabed sediments and marine life are the origin of life and a treasure house of human resources. They need to be protected by you and me.


New York City
Never Sleep

​Never Night New York

5mm PU anti-slip natural rubber yoga mat

New York is an urban night that never sleeps and is full of surprises waiting to be explored Vertical and horizontal city textures imprinted in jet black waiting for you to start a new page on the pad

feature of product:

  • Use the textured aesthetic of New York City to become a benchmark in your yoga practice and create benchmarks on your own

  • The surface layer of high-density PU absorbs sweat instantly, soft to the touch, dry and wet, non-slip, breathable and quick-drying

  • Passed the Taiwan SGS inspection standard, no heavy metals were detected, no short-chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCP), and no polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were detected, and passed the CNS formamide standard

  • 360-degree matrix two-way anti-slip texture on the bottom surface, natural rubber material, environmentally friendly and non-toxic

  • 5mm thickness elastic buffer shock absorption effect is good, protect joints more secure

  • Thickness suitable for beginners to advanced practice

  • No fading, long service life

Mystery London

foggy london

Ultra-microfiber double-sided design yoga towel 

The scene was taken from the Penghu Secret Conservation Area - Turban Island,

A small island on an uninhabited island, as small as each natural pothole landscape with its own ecosystem of zooplankton and plants.

Zoom into the symbiosis system of the entire ocean,

They are all unique treasures brought to us by nature,

Through the photographer's aerial shotPost-production with designers,

I hope to edit this beautiful scenery through repainting,

Understand the value of conserving the natural landscape of the ocean,

and awaken society to reduce damage to the ecological system.

Product features:

  • My micro-luxury

  • Use the natural texture aesthetics of the secret uninhabited island to become the baseline in yoga practice and create a benchmark point for your own practice.

  • Special ultra-fine fiber fabric, instantly absorbs sweat, feels soft, has excellent wet and slip resistance, is breathable and quick-drying

  • ​Can be washed in a washing machine (not tumble dry), ultra-lightweight, easy to carry during commuting to class


​Specifications and materials

YOGASANA Urban Collection

Wet and dry anti-slip PU natural rubber yoga mat

Product Size:

About length 183cmX width 68cmX thickness 5mm

main material:

Surface layer polyurethane (25%Polyurethane) + bottom layer natural rubber (75%Natural Rubber)


about 3kg


Maintenance and Cleaning

  • ​Avoid oil and large water stains: The fine pores of the PU surface make it quick-drying, so it is easy to get stains, especially oil stains , including oil in sweat , so to reduce The contamination rate of the mat, do not touch oily substances on the surface , do not apply lotion on the body before use, and keep hands and feet clean. Because the surface is degradable and environmentally friendly PU leather, do not use a large area of water to clean, please wipe gently with a clean damp cloth.

  • Odor: Please wipe the new product with a damp cloth and place it in a ventilated place to dry for 3-5 days to reduce the smell of the new product.

  • Scratches: PU material is soft and easy to be damaged. Please avoid wearing high hardness, sharp objects or storing under pressure for a long time , otherwise it is easy to be scratched or damaged and reduce the service life.

  • Temperature: Try to avoid sunlight during use and storage, and do not place it in high temperature (floor heating or around the stove) or any place where strong light may be directly exposed to prevent accelerated aging, embrittlement or variation of the rubber. possibility.

  • ​Cleaning and drying: Do not use tea tree oil or oil-based cleaning products , please use a damp cloth or sponge to squeeze out excess water , then wipe, and spread on Air dry naturally in a ventilated place indoors , do not soak in water to wash, so as to avoid liquid residue in the yoga mat .

  • Storage: When using and storing, please keep the leather surface rolled up , and must not be rolled or folded , otherwise wrinkles will easily occur and reduce its service life. .

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