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More stable
More wear-resistant
Brand new​ touch
Anti-slip effect

Give you an excellent mat experience.


Urban Portrait Collection

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YOGASANA is co-founded by architects living in Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan who share a common interest in yoga. Capture creative inspiration from urban elements and life experience. Research the needs of materials for different users, and design products that combine beauty and high quality.

We are committed to providing you with stability and comfort at all times.

YOGASANA was founded by the architects living in Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan with a common interest in yoga. We takes creative inspiration from urban elements and life experiences. We study the needs for different users, and design products that combine aesthetics and quality.


We strive to provide you with stability and comfort at all times.


International design award record

2022 DNA Paris Design Awards /PRODUCT DESIGN/SPORT & LEISURE Winner

"I want to choose the yoga mat I like,

Accompany me in my daily practice. 』

Design aesthetics and functionality at the same time

Bringing urban texture aesthetics to a yoga mat

You can choose your favorite urban texture

Don't have to choose between monotonous colors with just your logo

"Thickness and anti-slip effect are my priorities. 』​

5MM thick natural rubber yoga mat is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners

Wet and dry non-slip surface Instant-drying PU leather does not slip even if you sweat

Thickened natural rubber bottom layer  Indoor and outdoor stick to the ground  Safe and secure

『There are so many similar materials for yoga mats that touch the skin every day. How to choose a good quality yoga mat? 』

Self-inspected yoga mats, passed and complied with Taiwan SGS inspection agency certification, allowing you to focus on the exercises on the yoga mats with confidence

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were not detected

Short chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCP) not detected

No heavy metals detected (no antimony/arsenic/barium/cadmium/chromium/lead/mercury and selenium)

Formamide meets CNS15493 standard​





Pass SGS inspection

Miranda  Young, Taiwan

Banking, yoga experience- 2 years

“I have never liked the smell left on my hands after touching natural rubber directly. A friend recommended this design brand, which is very easy to use and non-slip. After comparing other brands, price and design, I chose the Paris mat from Urban Portrait. I really like it. , especially the texture of the golden Seine River, I look forward to taking the pink yoga mat to yoga classes every time. I also want to buy the same yoga wheel next time."

James Lee , Hong Kong

Yoga teacher, yoga teaching experience-15 years

"I saw this yoga mat on Instagram and was very interested in it. After asking about it via private message, I immediately placed the order. After receiving it, I felt that it felt very useful. Whether it is handstands or balance movements, you can rest assured on the yoga mat. It shows, especially the design is very special. I will also take this yoga mat with me when I go to Bali and India for further studies."

Patricia Watson, USA

Information industry, yoga experience-5 years

“When I was searching for information on the Internet, I saw the award-winning picture of YOGASANA and the pattern of my favorite New York design yoga mat. I was amazed by the tactile feel after receiving it. It is very slippery. Although I have to bear the cost of international mailing, It’s very worth it. Every time I take it to the classroom, everyone asks where they bought it.”

Landscape Collection

Inspiration from Nature.


​Thanks for the trial and support of the yoga teachers and friends




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